Are you and your honey bored?  Want to earn some extra cash?  Not afraid to splash your love/sex life on the internet for lots of horny people to see?  Ok, that last question was a little bias.  While I love the idea of getting $2K for filming my own amateur sex tape, I just can’t bring myself to do it.  Maybe if it was more money (don’t judge; if you think you don’t have a price you’re wrong!) but $2K?  I could become a dancer or bartender and make that, and without baring as much skin!

Curious about how it works?  Check it out:

Sell Your Sex Tape


Who does this kind of stuff?  Why, the plain ‘ol All American Couple like Ashley & Chris:

Ashley & Chris

And the Interracial Sex Bomb Sweethearts, Amber & Jason:

Amber & Jason

And of course, the Hippy-Happy Au Naturale Honeys, Tilly & Jay Jay:

Tilly & Jay Jay

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